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Belevari yachts are operated under Belevari Marine Trading LLC, PO Box 60854, Abu Dhabi, UAE under UAE Law and Regulations. Boats not owned by Belevari Marine are operated under charter contract.

Charter Passenger Personal Identification
All charter passengers must provide personal identification of either their Passport or Copies of Passport or UAE Driving License as requested by UAE Coastguard Regulations prior to departure. Anyone without personal identification will not be permitted onboard. Any delay caused by failure to provide the proper identification will be at the charterer’s expense.

Charter Inclusions
These basic items are included within the yacht charter fee: Selected Yacht, Captain and at least 1 Crew Member, fuel, water, ice, and soft drinks.

Passenger Numbers
Passenger numbers must be confirmed 24 hours prior to departure.

Captain’s Authority
The Captain has total authority over seamanship and the safe navigation of the yacht, its crew and passengers. The Captain has total authority over the safe use of all equipment onboard and may prohibit activities deemed to be unsafe. Compliance with safety instructions by the crew is mandatory. Failure to comply may result in removal from the vessel by staff or UAE Coast Guard.

Your attention during Welcome and Safety announcement is mandatory. Music will be turned off during safety announcements, and the volume level lowered to conversation level five minutes before docking. All entertainment must end before the vessel returns to the dock.

Observance of all UAE Law and Practices
The following must be observed under UAE Law:
– Number of passengers must not exceed those stated on charter registration
– Anyone 18 years old and below must be accompanied by a mature adult.
– All fishing must be conducted under UAE regulations
– No animals or pets may be brought onboard
– Captain and crew member contingent as required for charters under UAE law

Responsibility for Children
Any children onboard are the sole responsibility of their parents or guardians. The crew are not to be responsible for children. Kids’ tickets are for children 4-14 years of age. Children older than 14 years of age must buy an adult ticket. Failure to purchase the correct ticket may result in refusal of admission. Infants and toddlers below 4 years of age are not allowed onboard.

Flat non-marking soled deck shoes or trainers are permitted onboard. Shoes with heals are not permitted to be worn onboard. Comfortable clothing and sun protection are recommended.

Bookings for private charters are accepted subject to availability of the charter yacht. If a booking has to be cancelled due to yacht unavailability, no liability will be accepted. Any monies already paid will be refunded in full.

Cancellation of Charter by Belevari Marine
Belevari Marine reserves the right to cancel or postpone a charter due to poor weather conditions, mechanical failure with, Coastguard restrictions or UAE Law enforcement decrees. Charters will be rescheduled as possible. No refunds will be available for cancelations due to the above issues. In the case of mechanical failure on charter vessels, Belevari Marine reserves the right to provide a vessel of like quality and passenger capacity or to provide a 50% refund. In the case of mechanical failure on Belevari Marine owned and operated vessels, Belevari Marine reserves the right to offer credit to the client on future reservations.

Recreation Liability Indemnity
No liability is accepted for any personal injury during any recreational activity including swimming, fishing, parasailing or any other water sports.

Anti-Social Behavior
No anti-social behavior will be accepted and will be reported to the Police. Anti-Social behavior will result in the early termination of the charter. Intoxicated guests are not permitted onboard and will be returned to the pier. Belevari Marine is a drug-free environment – illegal substances are not tolerated. Any rowdyism, misconduct and actions contrary to the laws of the United Arab Emirates will result in the immediate cancellation of the event.

Safety Suggestions
– Familiarize yourself with the vessel and location of lifesaving equipment. You should easily be able to locate the nearest lifejacket, fire extinguisher, and emergency exit.
– Always use handrails and watch your step on the pier, dock and vessel. Never run or jump on any part of the vessel or dock. Exceptions for jumping apply to the “trampoline” portions of the catamaran only. Do not hang over – or climb on railings. Do not stand on benches or sit on handrails. Please notify a crewmember if you become aware of any safety hazards.
– Always keep a safe distance from the pier’s edge. Swimming is not allowed within the marina.
– Smoking is allowed onboard, however, courtesy to other guests by smoking “downwind” is required.
– Contact a crewmember if you or a guest requires medical assistance.

General Liability Indemnity
No liability or responsibility is accepted for any loss or additional expenses incurred as a result of accident, injury, sickness or death.

Promotional vouchers
Voucher security code must be provided at the time of reservation. Promotional vouchers must be presented at the time of boarding. Promotional vouchers are not valid on public holidays, festivals, or event days Maximum of 4 Groupons, 4 Entertainer Vouchers, and 4 YallaBannana vouchers per reservation group. Please see the cancelations and refund policies below.

Payment and Cancelation for Individual Tickets
Bookings made online through our payment gateway will secure the full payment at the time of booking.

Tickets purchased through Belevari.com or by telephone with a Belevari Marine representative within the last 24 hours may qualify for waiver of cancellation fees under our 24-hour flexible booking policy.

In all other cases, the following polices apply:

– Cancelations within 48 hours of cruise reservations are not eligible for refund.
– Cancelations made seven or more days in advance of public chartered cruise reservations are eligible for refund. A 20 AED per person cancelation fee will apply.
– Refunds within seven days in advance of the reservation date are at the discretion of management.
– Promotional vouchers (i.e. Groupon, CoBone, YallaBannana, etc.) values are forfeit if cancelation is not made 7 days in advance of the public chartered cruise. No-show and late cancelations constitute forfeit of promotional voucher value.
– We will endeavor to reschedule based on circumstances outside of the customer’s control (i.e. family emergency, car accident, family death, etc) if notified prior to cruise departure. Rescheduling and refunds in these cases are at the discretion of management. Documentation may be required.

Payment and Cancelation for Private Charters
50% Deposit required to confirm reservation, full payment 30 days before event date.

Cancellation policy:
– Up to 45 Days prior 25% of booked costs will be charged
– 45 to 15 days prior 50% of booked costs will be charged
– 15 days to 72 hours 75% of booked costs will be charged
– 72 hours 100% of booked costs will be charged

Belevari Marine cancelation policies and procedures are subject to change. You are bound by the policies and procedures on the date your reservation is confirmed.

Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Phone: +971 2 643 1494
After Hours Mobile: +971 56 440 5380
Email: info@belevari.com

P.O. Box 60854
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Commercial License No: 1191669

Office Hours: 09:00 – 18:00